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A Saramerica Competition!

Uncle Sam
A little while back, I blogged about the little "friendraiser" soiree I had for Jim Himes. I mentioned how Jim had written a fantastic poem about me for my book launch back in 2005, and so I felt compelled to return the favor by introducing him with some verses of my own.

The problems I had when writing the poem were: 1) I'm a prose girl, not a poet 2) I had 25-30 people arriving at my house in about an hour and I was still dressed like a slob, 3) Nothing rhymes with Harvard and 4) the few things that *might* rhyme with Harvard didn't help me tell listeners about Jim's background.

John Harkins read my lament about nothing rhyming with Harvard and made a few good suggestions that I hadn't thought of. But they didn't quite fit in with the poem. So I'm going to have a little competition to see if I can refine my master oeuvre.

You will find the poem below, and I've highlighted the offending terrible rhyme that I fudged to rhyme with Harvard.(I even tried using something like "donned the Crimson" for the first line instead of Harvard, but nothing really rhymed with Crimson either.)

So here's the challenge - come up with a better stanza that a) rhymes with Harvard and b) tells readers something about Jim's life.

You can read Jim's bio here to get info. While you're looking at his website, you might consider donating at my ActBlue page to support his campaign against Chris "Both Ways" Shays.

And now, without any further ado...the poem:

A Poetic (!) Introduction for Jim Himes 9/15/07
By saramerica

Remember I should in a Backcountry Wood
At a Democratic Dinner Party
I met our Jim Himes, Oe’r a few glasses of wine
And at once knew that he was a smarty

Born in Peru, knows a language or two
Jim’s lived in a number of lands,
Colombia and Lima and Europe, he’s seen ‘em
And traveled the mid’eastern sands.

Yale wasn’t for Jim, no Princeton for him,
No, our man he studied at Hahvard.
Where he had dinners with a Pulitzer winner
And got spiritual in Nicaragua.

When college was done, this man was not dumb,
He was chosen to be a Rhodes Scholar,
But then he came back to good old Goldman Sachs
And learned the value of a dollar

In Greenwich they said that the Dems here were dead,
But they sure didn’t reckon on Jim,
When a guy like he leads the DTC
We cannot help but to win.

Our Jim is no snob, he lives in Cos Cob,
With his lovely two daughters and wife
He helps urban poor get a leg in the door
For housing and a better life.

You can tell I’m no poet, and oy! Do I know it!
So I will just quit while I can,
But will end on this note – Please give Jim your vote,
Cause you’ll not find a better man.


I will donate $50 to Jim's campaign in the winner's honor.

Go to it, you budding bards!! Do me - and Jim - proud!

We are the CHAMPIONS!!

Uncle Sam
Saramerica uber alles!!

Ok, not quite *alles*. We tied with the "Don't Sue Me Bro" team lead by Melissa Ryan of CT Local Politics.

Best of all, we had fun doing it.

Here's me -n- the girls trying to bribe Maura Keaney:

This is the whole purpose of the thing (well, besides raising money for Jim Himes and having fun):

Here's everyone looking glum because Team Saramerica was whipping their butts:

Here's MLN frontpager tparty liveblogging the shindig:

Greenwich First Selectman candidate and upstanding Saramerican Frank Farricker experiences the thrill of victory:

and then totally loses it and tries to throttle Jim Himes (j/k) as saramerica and MLN blogger Thomas Hooker look on:

So besides having a great time and earning the title of Jim Himes' geekiest supporters, we also managed to raise $3,800 for the Himes campaign. Yay us!

You can read more (including seeing all the questions, not to mention a picture of yours truly with blog star Lorenzo Sunflower) here.

All in all, a fab night. And I'd like to dedicate our victory to the_webmeister , because quite simply, dahlink, we couldn't have done it without you :-)
Uncle Sam
All types of alcohol -- wine, beer or liquor -- add equally to the risk of developing breast cancer in women according to a new study.

Women who drank two drinks of alcohol a day - and that's not just the hard stuff; it includes what we've been told was a healthy tipple, red wine - have a roughly 10 percent increase in the incidence of breast cancer. Women who had more than three drinks had a 30 percent increase.

So on the one hand I'm told that drinking red wine is good for lowering my high cholesterol but on the other hand I have a strong family history of breast cancer, so I've got to stop hitting the sauce.

As the Stones would say, "What a DRAAAAAAAAAG it is getting old!"

To cheer me up, how about contributing to the actblue page for the Jim Himes blograiser? We've got 325 donors so far. Let's make it 500!!

I'll buy you a drink since I can't have too many. :-(

Sep. 25th, 2007

Uncle Sam
I posted earlier about the end of quarter pub quiz blograiser for Jim Himes.

Well, Team Saramerica now boasts Greenwich political luminaries such as former state rep candidate and crooner extraordinaire Ed Krumeich, First Selectman candidate Frank Farricker
resident Shaysologist and MLN blogger Thomas Hooker and to top it off, a genuine Irish Jew. (So we can tell jokes beginning: "A Jew, and Irishman and a Politician walk into a bar...."

So watch out all you other teams. Your ass is grass, as they say.

But in the meantime, I encourage all Saramerica readers to donate to Jim's ActBlue page, either through the link at the bottom of this blog or better yet, here.

This is one case where size doesn't matter. Donate whatever you can. Our goal is to get 50 new supporters to the cause before Team Saramerica wipes the floor with all the other bloggers in the Big Quiz. Oh and our other goal, in the words of event organizer Melissa Ryan of CT Local Politics is to "make Chris Shays vomit when he sees how much we've raised."

I'll have to see if the_webmeister can design me a Vomit-o-meter.


Uncle Sam


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